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Natural Areas in the Costa Brava

The Hotel Vistabella is surrounded by a unique environment on the Costa Brava. If you want to know what to do in Roses or in the nearby areas you can check below what are the main attractions of the Alt Empordà, in relation to its natural areas, towns and cities, proposals for art and culture, sports and leisure activities.

Also from Vistabella we can provide further details on Roses’ tourism offer, and on the best ideas tailored to your situation, depending on the activities you prefer or the people with whom you travel.

Natural Areas

For the lovers of nature, Roses is surrounded by various Natural Parks each one with a unique attraction and beauty. Starting from north to south we have the Natural Park of the “Cap de Creus”, the Natural Park of the “Aiguamolls de l’Empordà”, and the southern part of the Bay of Roses ends with the Maritime Natural Park of the “Illes Medes”.
A natural reserve worth to mention in the inland is “La Serra de les Alberes”.

Cap de Creus

Cap de Creus (30.4km) is a peninsula located at the far NE of Catalonia and therefore the easternmost point of the Iberian Peninsula. In 1998 this area was declared Natural Park because of its extraordinary landscape. It is a wind beaten and very rocky region, with almost no trees, in contrast to a rich seaside and deep blue sea waters.

Aiguamolls de l'Empordà

Aiguamolls de l'Empordà (18.3km) is a natural park on the Bay of Roses, the second largest wetland in Catalonia. Lying between the rivers Fluvià and Muga. During the 19th century much of the marsh was drained as canals transforming the land for agriculture. As of 1980 it has been declared natural park because of the remaining marsh and sand dunes. It is also home to more than 320 different species of flora and fauna.

Illes Medes

Illes Medes (58km) is a small archipelago located in the heart of the Costa Brava. It consists of seven islands which are characterized by a rich marine ecosystem. The proximity of the coast and the delta of the river Ter provides a great amount of organic material allowing an extensive variety of flora and fauna. Examples are the colonies of gulls, the peculiar terrestrial vegetation, the Sea grass or the coral colonies.

Serra de les Alberes

The Serra de les Alberes is a place of natural interest which includes de towns of La Jonquera, Rabós d’Empordà, Espolla, Cantallops, Vilamaniscle, Garriguella, Mollet de Peralada, and Sant Climent de Sescebes. This landscape coexists with one of the most important concentrations of megalithic monuments In Catalonia, and small Romanesque churches that make this area one of the richest in historical monuments. The vegetation of this region is a well mix of mountain vegetation and Mediterranean vegetation.

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