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Your shop at the Hotel Vistabella

Requiring exclusivity? Needing luxury? Demanding coquetry? Did you forget something? Our boutique, located within the hotel complex, proposes you a wide range of goods from various brands which will fill your most intimate desires with joy. Swimsuits, evening clothes, watches and jewels, let´s be entertained by the exclusivity of our products. Our products include brands such as Rinascimento from Italy, “Jacques Lemans” and “Swarovski” from Austria, “Söhnle Bruno” from Germany, “TW Steel” from the Netherlands or “Xoow” from Catalonia; all have one common ambition: creating each object at the image of each client, special and unique. Everything is done to turn the smallest purchase in the acquisition of a masterpiece, noteworthy and unusual creation, and its proprietary becoming immediately the owner of a rare and refined product. “Rinascimento” Italian range of clothes standing for the feminine mode as well as “Xoow”, archetypal Catalan brand based in Gerona, will bring to the fair sex the touch of magic and grace during your summer parties. Talking about jewelry, “Swarovski” offers you a prestigious collection. The gentlemen in the store can purchase quality watches, made by Jacques Lemans, Bruno Söhnle and TW Steel. Finally, we are eagerly waiting for you in our boutique to present you this world of creation and exclusivity which will ennoble your view as well as your spirit. We are looking forward to welcome you and advise you the best we can. We hope to see you soon.