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Tic tac tic tac...the 2016 Roses Carnival is coming

Once more Roses is preparing to welcome its most awaited celebration: the Carnival. Next Thursday February 4th starts the winter town festival, a very special and different carnival where a big part of the citizens are involved as well as businesses and local companies.

The carnival has been celebrated in Roses since unknown times, the first written reference dates from 1616, although it’s not until the 50’s-60’s under the Franco regime it acquires its real role by challenging the bans that had been established. The carnival tradition starts at home and has been transmitted from fathers to sons as an important legacy. The most rooted tradition is the preparation of the costumes and trucks months before, becoming for a short period of  time seamstresses, pattern designers, electricians or painters so that everything is ready on time to show off their creations throughout those days.

During the 5 days of the festival the 73 groups involved will parade 3 times (Friday at 9pm, Saturday at 4pm and Sunday at 12pm) from the Citadel to the Marina with their own music and dances. Carnival ends on Monday with a popular rice (paella) open to everyone and the burial of the sardine when the sun sets. The pyrotechnic end reminds us that there’s one whole year to wait for the next carnival. Hurray, the carnival of Roses!