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See you again on April 19th

At the end of last season, on October 21st, the evaluation could not be more positive, we ended up very satisfied with the clients that we were able to meet, the dreams we helped them to fulfill and the expectations that we managed to materialize. But time flies and we are ready to go back to work again!

As every winter our team is already deep into the project of renovating and updating the facilities in order to adapt them to the new needs. This year we are especially excited about the transformation that is taking place in the lobby and reception, it will mean a significant improvement in the welcome we give our customers with the hope of making them feel very comfortable. New more modern and functional spaces, in which the steel and the white color stand out and that will allow us to offer you a better service during your stay. In addition, the bathrooms in the public area as well as the main staircase are being fully renovated, a complete change that culminates largely the work already carried out in previous years.

The new season is approaching at great speed and we hope to have everything ready to receive you once again. From April 19th the Vistabella will open its doors and the closing is scheduled for October 20th, 2018. Our customer service is already in operation to advise and provide the necessary help for your reservation. Are we going to see you this year?