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National Day of Catalonia

September 11th is a national holiday in Catalonia, an autonomous region of Spain. With him Catalonia commemorates the defeat of Barcelona and the catalan troops against the Bourbon troops during the War of the Spanish Succession, on September 11th, 1714 after 14 months of siege, and the consequent abolition of the Catalan Insititutions by the promulgation of the Nueva Planta Decrees in 1716. Catalonia’s Parliament declared the 11th of September a national day in 1980 after its reestablishment with the end of the Franco dictatorship. During this day organizations and political parties traditionally lay floral offerings at the main monuments symbolizing the national holiday. Organizations and catalan nationalists also lay floral offerings at the Fossar de les Moreres in Barcelona, where many fallen defenders during the Siege of Barcelona are buried. During this national holiday many demonstrations for Catalan idenpendece, music concerts and cultural events are held. Many people hang in a visible place of their houses the Catalan Flag, known as la “Senyera” or “Estelada”. Also during the day they sing the Catalan national Anthem, “Els Segadors”.