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The Aiguamolls of Empordà: a must see for the lover of nature and birds

This Natural Park, founded in 1983, is located in the Empordà plain, between the mouths of the rivers Fluvià and Muga in the county of Alt Empordà, and the mouth of the river Ter and the Basses d’en Coll on the beach of Pals in the county of Baix Empordà. Today, the name “Aiguamolls” is popularly associated with the nature reserve in the county of Alt Empordà. Due to the drainage during the nineteenth century to convert the land for agriculture, now the size of the wetlands is much smaller and they are divided into different areas. Nevertheless, this park remains one of the most important and strategic locations across Europe for migration by millions of birds crossing the Mediterranean to and from Africa. The Aiguamolls of Empordà are one of the natural areas of Catalonia were a great variety of Wildlife can be observed making it a highly interesting area of cultural and natural heritage. Birds make this place their refuge and resting place. They account for more than 300 species, many of the protected, of which more than 80 regularly nest there. The best time to visit is in the spring and the fall, to catch the passing migrants, but there is much to see all year round. The most colorful birds of Europe can be seen here: from Kingfisher, Hoopoes, different species of herons, flamingos, falcons, cormorants, grey herons, goldfinches, white storks to the most colorful ducks. An infinite number of birds found here their refuge place. Early in the morning, visitors have the greatest chance of seeing some of the animals that live in the park, such as the Wild boar, the fallow Dear, the horse of the Camargue, Otters, least Weasels, Badgers or the red Fox. A few years ago, they established a breeding program for white storks and they reintroduced otters. Throughout the park you can find many viewpoints with panoramic views of the park and the lagoons. It is highly recommend bringing binoculars. Among the best viewpoints are three old rice silos in Sennillosa in 22 meters of altitude. Don’t wait any longer and visit this unique place know worldwide!

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