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Restaurant “Els Brancs” – New sensations

With our goal “we want to surprise”, which inspired us to search for the best products and the best wines, the foundations of this new cuisine were consolidated with the arrival of our chef Javier Cabrera to our team in 2009. His innovated view of the cuisine, without abandoning the quality of the product, lead the “els Brancs” towards our creative cuisine of Catalan inspiration, where each plate is a piece of art, based of the harmonic fusion of all elements that are part of the culinary hedonism. Whatever your tastes, your desires, your appetite is, we will offer all our know-how, new sensations, turned perceptible by our senses in a very aesthetic way, offered throughout our different menus as well as in our à la carte meals, dishes able to seduce you and touch your sensibility. Come and enjoy our 2013 “100% Experience” menu composed of 30 dishes or our “Degustation menu” with 10 dishes, where you’ll find new creations as well as renovated dishes from our guests’ favorites, accompanied by very well selected wines from around 300 worldwide references. The wonders of the nature that surround us, as well as the great gastronomic wealth of our region, along with the respect to the most excellent ingredients, originality and a lot of passion, are the engines to help our guests discover a sixth sense. This heavenly setting, a team who is fascinated by it and a cuisine product of its surroundings are the pillars of “els Brancs”. We hope to see you soon!

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