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The Denomination of Origin of the Empordà

This region in the northeast of Catalonia is famous for its wine culture brought to them by the Greeks who conquered Rhode and Emporion (nowadays the towns of Roses and Empúries) in the 4th century BC. The tradition was carried on by the Romans and later medieval monks. During the 19th century the Empordà region became the first region to suffer the grape phylloxera from France. Because the vineyards were destroyed they were substitute by cork oak turning this region into the main of cork worldwide, an industry closely linked to wine. They started to grow wine again in 1929 establishing the Denomination of Origin in 1975 under the name of Empordà – Costa Brava. In 2006, the production area was expanded and Costa Brava was deleted from the initial name. Today there are more than 40 wineries with the Empordà denomination that produce more than 6.000.000 litres of wine every year. We highly recommend a visit to some of the best wineries in the area, to enjoy the wines and the beautiful landscapes of our surroundings.