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Four restaurants, four special cuisines, four magical places ... and a different bar

Starting with our fine dining restaurant Els Brancs, we offer you the best of our cuisine what can be defined as a creation of the mind, turned perceptible by our sense in a very aesthetic way. Located on the main terrace of the hotel, its situation makes you a witness of an incredible panorama: the beautiful sunsets over the Mediterranean Sea and our delicious courses in a whirl of delightful flavours. On the second terrace of the Hotel you’ll find our Mediterranean restaurant El Balcó de Mar. It’s name means “Balcony to the Sea” because of its proximity and views of the Bay of Roses. This restaurant offers you all the beauty and richness from this sea combined with original and typical plates of the Empordà region. The fish and seafood arrives daily and this year we will handle the Mediterranean bluefin tuna from sustainable fishing. Another restaurant, worth a visit, if you want to improvise a meal is La Tapa, located on the west wing of the second terrace, this typical Spanish restaurant offers you a wide and great variety of delicious tapas. This restaurant with beautiful views over the sea, brings you a culinary style that has succeeded all over the world. If you want to experience something unique don’t forget to visit our El Pirata Beach Club, open from mid June to mid September, this place has a privileged location right at the sea. El Pirata is known for its colorful cuisine of salads, fish, meat and crustacean but more than that for its famous parties and lobster day. The Champagne parties on Sundays are well-known by people that like to have fun and the good vibes. Finally, there is one more place you should not miss during your stay with us, our Blue Bar a unique and ideal place for a cocktail while enjoying the most colorful sunsets on our chill-out beds and sofas. Our entire team will be more than happy to welcome you in each of the restaurants. Truly our gastronomic variety is wide and it will definitely help you to keep your stay with us as a wonderful summer souvenir! See you soon!
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