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St. John’s Eve

One of the most beloved holiday in Spain celebrated on the evening/night of June 23rd. St. John’s Eve coincides with the June solstice also known as Midsummer. Spaniards celebrate this day in honor of San Juan (St. John the Baptist). All over Spain bonfires are lit, most of them along the coast and on the streets of the main cities. On top of the bonfires a doll is placed called “ninot” and when the sun sets the fires are lit with torches and the festivities begin. There different traditions around the bonfires: people throw spells and wishes into the fire and jump over the fire for good luck. At night people enjoy folklore music, fireworks and concerts. On the beaches people have picnics, bathe, sing and dance until dawn. Along the Mediterranean coast, especially in Catalonia and Valencia special foods such as the Coca of Sant Joan, a pastry covered with cream and nuts. St. John’s Eve is a joyful celebration, a magical night full of light, fire and one of the shortest night of the year! Do not miss it!