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els Brancs maintains the Michelin star

Following the departure of Javier Cabrera at the end of 2016, the decision was made to continue with the project where Chef Rafa Zafra and Gonzalo Hernández as head chef were incorporated into this new stage. A change of 180 degrees in which the dishes of countless ingredients and very difficult elaborations have given way to a new philosophy based on the quality and proximity of the product. This new bet has been very well received by our customers and the menu presented in 2017 with a dozen dishes had all the success we could wish for. The beautiful venue completely renovated last year has only 7 tables on the main terrace of the hotel with wonderful views of the Bay of Roses (weather permitting), this allows us to offer a close and exclusive service to make the diner in "els Brancs" an unforgettable experience.

To the good vibrations that we already had confirmed last November 22nd in the traditional annual gala of the Michelin Guide held in Tenerife, the recognition of the work done throughout the year, which has allowed us despite all the changes that have taken place, to maintain the star and that fills us with plenty satisfaction.

The team of "els Brancs" is already engaged in the preparation of what will be the new gastronomic proposal for this year and we will begin to confirm reservations during the month of February. Like the hotel, the restaurant will open its doors on April 20th and the scheduled closing date is October 20th, we are waiting for you!