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Новости Oтеля Vistabella

БЛОГ Отель Vistabella: новости, мероприятия и полезная информация.

els Brancs - Time for new changes

They say that every moment of chaos hides an opportunity and that is exactly what “els Brancs” experienced during this pandemic. Although the intention was already to turn the proposal around and explore new horizons, the forced break that...

Как добраться до отеля Vistabella

Многие клиенты, планируя свое пребывание, спрашивают нас, как лучше всего добраться до Вистабеллы. Вариантов несколько, поэтому мы...

GOOD NEWS! We’re opening on the 2nd of July

We are very happy and excited to announce that we will re-open on the 2nd of July. These last months have been a roller coaster of information and emotions but they have served as a time for reflection and we look forward to make you enjoy our...

Gastromar: A very special area

Gastronomy has always played a very important role in Vistabella, we like to offer different proposals to our customers during their stay and thus complete it,