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Massages & Treatments in Roses

At the Vistabella we offer a variety of massages to relax and unwind, and treatments to relieve your skin after a day on the beach.

General Massages (50min)


Relaxing massage to fight stress and release tensions

Energizing massage with lemon or orange oil. Or relaxing massage with essence of lavender

Sport massage
Relieveing, toning and anti-stress massage

Lymphatic massage
Massage performed with very slow and repetitive movements that favor the ciruclation of the lymph, thus improving inflamations and liquid retention

Specific Massages (30min)

  • Cranio-Facial massage
  • Cranio-Legs massage
  • Back and cervical massage
  • Anti-cellulite massage
  • Foot reflexology

Facial Treatments Alquimia

100% natural vegetable oils

Anti-aging facial treatment (60 min)
Treatment that fights the signs of aging with natural oils

Facial treatment nutritive/moisturizing (60 min)
Treatment for dry skin, providing water and nutrients for a smooth skin

Oxygenating facial treatment (60 min)
For dull skin and lack of vitality. Treatment to hydrate and regenerate the skin

“NU SKIN” anti-aginig treatment (face or body)

Manicure and Pedicure

  • Manicure (60 min.)
  • Pedicure SPA (60 min.)

Body Treatments

Peeling with salt from the Dead Sea (30 min)
Body scrub with Dead Sea salt and almond oil that will regenearte and moisturize your skin. The salt acts as revitalizer, re-energizing the body with its freshness and natural vitality.

Seaweed wrapping (30 min)
Algae body wrap, ideal to get rid of body fats and toxins leaving a smooth skin.

Dead Sea Mud wrapping (30 min)
With the Dead Sea Mud wrap the skin is okygenated, rejuvenated and relaxed. Known for its healing traits, recommended also for osteoarthritits, rheumatism, arthritis…

Light Legs treatment (60 min)
Treatment for heavy legs, with fluid retention and/or poor blood circulation. The treatmnt includes an exfoliation, wrapping and an adapted massage with cold gel effect.

Therapeutic treatment against pain (60 min)
Exfoliation with salt from the Dead Sea and wrapping with mud from the Dead Sea in the area to be treated, and ending with a massage adapted to the pain

Body reduction treatment (90 min)
Treatment that purifies and oxygenates, in addition to activating the lymphatic system, a corporal exfoliation and a wrapping of algae is made to purify and shape the silhouette. Finishing with a body reduction massage in the most needed body parts.  

Body packs

Vistabella Ritual (90 min)

The ritual begins with a peeling with salt from the Dead Sea that will oxygenate and thoroughly cleanse your skin. Afterwards a mask of mud from the Dead Sea with essential oils will regenerate and purify the entire body. Finally, a massage with almond oil will leave your skin smooth as silk.

Oasis Pack (120min)
Body and facial treatment: starts with an exfoliation with salt from the Dead Sea

Tanning Pack (50min)
Ideal treatment to prepare the skin to sun exposure and to prolong the tan. It begins with a peeling and ends with a carrot oil wrap that will nourish and beautify your skin.

Argan Sensation (50min)
Peeling and moisturizing with argan cream that will provide optimal hydration to the skin

Anti-cellullite Pack (60min)
Treatment that activates the lymphatic system, improves elasticity and fights cellulite. Exfoliation and wrapping of algae, ending with an anti-cellulite massage.