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XXVII Wine Tasting of the Empordà Festival in Figueres

ONCE AGAIN, FIGURES WILL HOST THE WINE TASTING OF THE EMPORDÀ FESTIVAL DURING THE DAYS 8,9,10 AND 11 OF SEPTEMBER, 2011. The origin of this wine testing is linked to the need of the wine sector of the Empordà to get to know their products. Born 27 years ago, the first edition had the participation of 12 wineries, their success was encouraging for other wineries to join in subsequent calls, reaching more than 30 exhibitors this year. Also present at the testing is food, especially duck and selected sausages, prepared in the same region, that accompany the more than 100 wines, champagnes and dessert wines present at the show. The Wine Testing is held at the Rambla of Figueres, a very emblematic part of the city, ideal for a walk and talk while enjoying a good wine.