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The Costa Brava and its gastronomy

Its cuisine, especially Catalan cuisine has a very long tradition and is influenced over the years by many civilizations, such as the Greeks and Romans, to the Phoenicians, Jewish and many more. Known for having a Mediterranean cuisine, this tasty and healthy cuisine, also is the expression of their culture and life style. With a wide range of excellent local products and ingredients the cuisine of the Costa Brava provides you with a unique and curious mixture dishes. There are several classics that need to be tried while you visit the Costa Brava. Especially fish and seafood such as “Mar i Montanya” (Sea and Mountain) a curious mixture of fish and meat or “Suquet de peix” a stew containing different sorts of fish and seafood. Anchovies from la Escala, prawns from Roses, Monkfish from the Bay of Roses and sea urchins are more specialties, which provides us the Mediterranean. Other famous dishes are the regions “embotits” (sausage and pressed meats), “pa amb tomàquet” bread brushed with tomato and olive oil or “all-i-oli”, a garlic and olive oil whipped sauce. As for salads there are two highlights “escalivada” grilled vegetables of all kinds that are served with bread, meat and seafood and “esqueixada” a cold salad of tuna, cod, red and green peppers, onions, olives and tomatoes. The “saimfaina” is a mixture of eggplant and zucchini with garlic, onion and tomato sauce that accompanies many dishes. Other specialties are “arròs negre amb marisc i carn” black rice with seafood and meat, “escudella” a typical Catalan soup usually served in the winter, and “bolets”, all kind of mushrooms, one of the most prized gastronomic tastes of the Costa Brava forests in the fall. For lovers of sweet flavors we recommend “crema catalana” a kind of crème brulée, “panellets” a paste made of almonds, sugar and eggs. Another highlight is the “ensaïmada” a typical sweet dessert in the shape of a snail, the “xuixo” a cylindrical dough stuffed with cream and sugar and “bunyols” dough fried in olive oil. And don’t forget to have a glass of wine or cava while enjoy this classics. This region is known to have an excellent range of still and sparkling wines, such as the Seal of Origin Empordà.