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Special Christmas Drawing

AN ANCIENT TRADITION THAT CANNOT BE MISSED DURING THE SPANISH HOLIDAY SEASON The draw also known as Christmas Lottery is the lottery’s most popular and important to be held in Spain every December 22th in Madrid. The first draw was held on Christmas of 1812 in Cadiz, with the winning number 03604, a very popular number today. In 1892 it received its current name – replacing the name “Prosperous Awards”. Since 1837 the draw takes place in Madrid. The top prize is called El Gordo, which since 2005 has a value of 3 million euros a ticket, rising to 4 million euros this 2011. The sales period for this sweepstakes is the longest of the year, since administrations have the numbers the first week of July. It is therefore not surprising that its the most sold and popular drawing worldwide. Children of the Colegio de San Ildefonso, an institution dedicated to children in Madrid with more than 400 years of existence, are in charge of singing the National Lottery numbers since 1771. Following the motto of the same lottery the team of the Hotel Vistabella wishes you Happy Holidays and may Luck be with you!!