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Roses is Carnival, Carnival is Roses

The Carnival of Roses has a long history and tradition. Just a couple of weeks from the festivities the entire town is in its final preparation for this great local event, the most valued, deared and indispensable for the people of Roses. Although the main local festival “the Festa Major” is in August, the economic an social transformations in the 60s with the arrival of mass toursim, has moved the balance power. Given the inability of citizens to attend and enjoy their local festival in the summer; about 15 years ago, they planned to organize an alternative festival for the people of Roses in the winter. This festival but already existed – it was the Carnival. This festival has gradually been filling the functions of the main festival in summer, and is now essential for the citizens. From the seventeenth century on, every year this festival lasts four days full of activities throughout the town, although the main attraction is the parade of costums and “carrosses” on the Avenida Rhode.