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Restaurant “els Brancs”

Spain, Catalonia, Empordá, Vistabella hotel, Els Brancs… here is the very gist of the inspiration we are declining every night in our cuisine! There are only a few days left of this season… At “els Brancs”, we offer you the best of our cuisine what can be defined as a creation of the mind, turned perceptible by our senses in a very aesthetic way. That is why we are delighted to present you our main restaurant, “Els Brancs”. Located on the most elegant terrace of the hotel, its situation, makes you a witness of an incredible panorama: when the sun faints toward the power of the moon in a wonderful combination of warm colors, and the sky is falling down into the sea, merging perfectly their shape in an absolute symbiosis, it’s the appropriate time for us to develop a cooking combining original and delicious courses in a whirl of delightful flavors. Whatever your tastes, your desires, your appetite is, we will offer you, through our different menus (Falconera or Els Brancs) as well as in our à la carte meals, dishes able to seduce you and touch your sensibility. We will deliver you all our know-how, our will to offer you new sensations, and creating a brand new world within your own mouth in ecstasy. But basically, what would be this cuisine, what would be this inspiration without you, dear guests, you are giving to each kind of art their Patent of Nobility only by granting them one thing, but definitely the most important one: your gratitude. For that, we thank you a lot… and see you soon! follow the restaurant on Facebook: or follow the restaurant on Twitter: @elsBrancs