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Massages & beauty treatments

Exhausted by a wearing job, a restless rhythm of life requiring each day more physical and mental strength, stress, aches, tiredness and nervousness are more than ever present every second, getting your internal and external protections weaker. All those problems are the enemies of the well-being. That is why we fight them daily thanks to a weapon used since the mists of time: the Massage. Let’s spend some time in order to indulge yourself. Each massage is a combination of passion and savoir-faire, the softness of beneficent hands caressing your skin, the pleasant smells of our aromas, the warmth of our oils spreading on your body a flow of positive waves able to make you forget all your problems, just enjoying the very moment. The Latin maxim “carpe diem” has never been more relevant than today. Feel each palpation, in perfect harmony with your body and its desires of well-being, listen your needs for a symbiosis of every time, a unique moment of unity, crossing each one of your cells, leaving you in a fabulous state of felicity. Relaxing or toning massages, bodily treatments, nails with gel, manicure or chiropodist, discover our various cares, ministered by our talented and skilled masseuse, on the very roof of the hotel, a dream place named Oasis. Outside in order to enjoy a stunning view of the Mediterranean and the Rosas bay, or inside to benefit of a private atmosphere, each care will remain as a unique experience for your body as well as for your spirit. Our massages offer their rejuvenating properties to every person requiring them, loyal client as well as merely passers-by. Indeed, we consider that if it beautifies our hotel, the well-being is not our own properties, and because sharing is one of our main leitmotiv, all of you are welcome in order to enjoy the benefits of our different services. How? Just joining us at the hotel reception to get aware of the various offers, the availabilities of our masseuse and book your flight…direction paradise. Available 24/7 at the 0034 972 256 200 (for people outside of the hotel), by means of the phone located in your room (for clients), or directly at the reception desk, it will be a pleasure to welcome and provide you all the information you need. Waiting for your visit, we wish you a pleasant day.