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Marine delicatessen: the sea urchin

The sea urchin also known as “urchin” or “sea hedgehogs”, is one of the most valued delicacies of the gastronomy of the Costa Brava.

This echinoderm of spherical shape and full of spikes hides in its interior five gonads of an intense choral colour and of extraordinary flavour, it’s almost like giving a mouthful to the sea. Its flesh is tender, soft and very juicy, it’s eaten raw directly with a teaspoon although the tradition recommends accompanying it with a slice of bread and a glass of wine. The "sea urchin" collection season is very short, from January to March, since its extraction is regulated to preserve it and is the time of the year when the sea is calmer and the animal is more "full."

Its main component is water so it has a very low energy value, does not contain fats or carbohydrates although it is rich in iron and phosphorus. This delightful food typical of fishermen and seafaring people is difficult to catch, they are caught in apnea near the rocks but also they are very common in the seabed. It’s necessary to take advantage of the gastronomic festivals dedicated to this delicacy that are organized in those dates, and if you have the opportunity we recommend to enjoy it with a glass of cava to make a perfect tasting.