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Living Nativity scene of Bàscara, from the 18 of December 2011 until the 1 of January of 2012

When Christmas is approaching, the province of Girona, recovers many. From “Quines”, to Christmas concerts or the known living nativity scenes, the so called “pessebres”. The neighbors of the villages of the province come together and interpret our history. Of all the living nativity scenes during Christmas we would like to present one, the living nativity of Bàscara, a village of 500 inhabitants located in the middle of the Empordà Every year, all its neighbors, in one way or another are involved in the representation of their nativity scene. Whether, they are the actors, or builders, or ticket sellers. All of them for a few weeks transform their village into a large open air play. Since Christmas of 1973, “El pessebre vivent de Bàscara”, aims to shape and size the daily life in Palestine 2000 years ago. Along the streets and buildings of the town, especially the ones with a medieval flair, staged by over 300 actors, bring to live thiss nativity scene.