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International Circus Festival of Figueres

One more year, and it’s the fourth, Figueres is preparing to host the only genuine International circus festival across the country. During five days the city is filled with the magic of the artists and the illusion of the expected audience attending the different shows.

Under the new Big Tent, having total visibility without poles and inclined grandstand will gather, for 14 performances, more than two thousand people, the capacity of the venue. There are scheduled a total of 3 different shows, the Red and Blue shows are the semi-finals and the Gold show is the great Final where the new winners of the “Golden Elephant” will be announced. This trophy is given to the most acclaimed artists by the public. This year the festival presents 22 brand new attractions, more than 80 artists from 14 different countries will be evaluated by a professional jury of international circus conductors and experts.

Figueres has managed to distinguish itself as a meeting point in the Old continent for those who want to promote themselves in the circus arts world. Circus as you’ve never seen before…from February 25th to 29th.