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Gastronomic campaign of the Mediterranean spiny lobster

The association Costa Brava Hotels de Luxe (CBHL), which groups 4 and 5 star hotels of the coast and the region of Girona, launches the third spiny lobster gastronomic campaign, aimed to promote the culinary richness of Costa Brava. This is an event that takes place on the occasion of the fishing season of this crustacean and where the 18 hotels affiliated with CBHL will introduce to any of their menus a dish elaborated with the Mediterranean spiny lobster. The Hotel Vistabella participates with the restaurant Balcó de Mar, which will have on its menu Mediterranean spiny lobster stew between the 10th of June and the 10th of July.


The spiny lobster has a firm meat of unforgettable shellfish-ish flavour that has become along the years a luxury gastronomic product. In the Mediterranean there is a great fishing tradition focused on the spiny lobster, specially around the Balearic islands, Sicily and Corsica. The populations of spiny lobster live on the rocky seabed of the littoral and until 200 m depth, they use the rocky cracks to take shelter. The fishing season takes place between June and July, which converts the spiny lobster into a seasonal product around these dates.