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First edition of “Nits de Vins” in Sant Pere de Rodes

Summer nights at the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes breath history and the aroma of wine, an ideal blend for a place of spiritual refuge where during lots of years the wine elaborated by the monks was the main source of income.

Nit de Vins (lit. Night of Wines) consists in a nocturnal guided tour all over the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes that focuses on its viticulture past. The tour includes a wine-tasting under the starry sky with wines that come from the vineyards that where part of the monastic lands.

During the visit you will discover, for example, how the monks that inhabited this monastery managed to live on the art of winemaking and its exportation to countries as England and Holland. Their grapevines reached an extension equivalent to the one currently occupied by the D.O. Empordà wine region, an area tat implies having a huge wine production. But the phylloxera ruined the business and killed almost all the vines, reducing them to a 10% of the original production before the plague. After this thematic visit a D.O. Empordà wine cellar will introduce you to its wines in the terrace of the monastery, which will be paired with three tapas elaborated with local products in the restaurant of the monastery.

Nit de Vins takes place all the Tuesdays of July and August from 20 to 22 h (one hour of visit plus another of tasting). Ticket prices are 20 €. There is the possibility to have dinner in the restaurant of the monastery after the visit. Due to the limited capacity, you need to make a prior reservation calling at 972 387 559 or sending an email to


The participating wine cellars are the following:

19th of July Espelt Viticultors

26th of July Bodegas Trobat

2nd of August Celler Hugas de Batlle

9th of August Celler Mas Llunes

16th of August Celler Mas Pòlit

23rd of August Celler La Vinyeta

30th of August Celler Martín Faixó