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els Brancs - News 2017

The new phase of the restaurant els Brancs comes marked by an updated Mediterranean cuisine, dishes of yesterday with today's techniques. A kitchen of extreme purity that is based on the quality of the ingredients as a home base and once with the best ways of cooking that we have in the actuality.

A gastronomic approach that establishes its philosophy of work in the quality of the raw material delicatessen  , and seeks that els Brancs becomes the “temple of the product”. That's why we divide the menu into two parts, the sea and the land. You choose: the two concepts separately or, if you do trust us, we merge both in harmony. for you.

Simple elaborations where we apply all types of firings, the most adequate for each dish. Honest and straightforward cuisine that searches for the magic of the result, but with out neglecting the creative touches that are inherent in a chef of the level of Rafa Zafra.