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els Brancs at the Espai Vol Gastronòmic in Girona

On April 17th our restaurant “els Brancs” will participate in the Espai Vol Gastronòmic in Girona with a special gourmet sampling menu specially designed for this occasion.

The Espai Vol Gastronòmic is an itinerant space conceived as a platform for the promotion of the Catalan cuisine, but especially of the whole Girona province. A very modern and refreshing design, is located in the heart of Girona’s old quarter at 7 meters over the Onyar River. With a total capacity of 18 guests that share a big imperial table and an incredible view of the city of Girona, offers a unique experience for both sense and taste. A show cooking format that allows the interaction between guests and the chef, this initiative launched in Girona will travel to different European cities to introduce the gastronomy and talent of the Catalan cuisine.

Next Friday April 17th is our turn, in a very special dinner that has been fully booked with more than 3 weeks in advance. It’s supposed to be introducing spectacular plates such as “Hazelnut and caviar vermouth”, “Sea bass and yucca canapé” or “Vegetables brew”; these will make a start to the opening of the new season for restaurant “els Brancs” expected next April 22nd and also the beginning of the season for the Hotel Vistabella.