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Bye Bye Summer!! The CLOSING Champagne party 2011 – SATURDAY September 17th, 2011!

This year the Champagne parties on Sundays have been a real success from its very beginning at the Opening party in June. People from all over Europe enjoyed the parties, breaking record after record, and competing with each other who will drink/spray more champagne. The records have been broken several times this year until it reached its highest mark of 35,25 liters per table which has been set by 2 different tables at the same day by 2 groups of usual customers. There’s only one last chance to become Champagne King 2011, let’s see who will break the current record? Come this Sunday to our party and enjoy with us the Champagne Closing party at this unique location in the Costa Brava: crystal clear waters, amazing people, beautiful sunsets… Where people enjoy drinking and spraying Champagne at each other, playing with water pistols and all different kinds of water games. Dance to the rhythm of Reno Maximus, our resident DJ for these parties, a talented DJ with its unpublished mixes. Share a drink with your couple, a bottle or a magnum with family or friends, this party will surely be a success. And as the last of the 2011 season there are a few little extra surprises! El Pirata Beach-Club on Facebook: