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Brand new terrace for our gastronomic restaurant “els Brancs”

Adapt or die, said the philosopher and Spanish writer Unamuno, and we’ve taken it without hesitation. This upcoming season the terrace of our gourmet restaurant “els Brancs” will embrace our guests more spectacular than ever.

With the need to leave nothing to chance and wishing that your experience in “els Brancs” is perfect, we’re doing improvement works on the restaurant’s terrace; we are replacing the canvas walls by a glass enclosure that will provide the space with more comfort. We are going also to upgrade the floor by changing the tiles and we are installing a glass balustrade that will provide a see-through view to the beautiful sea around us. But that’s not all, we are planning to incorporate new furniture and new décor before the opening in April. A luxurious setting for the menus that our chef Javier Cabrera and his team are preparing.